Greenback’s 2020 Expat Opinion Survey is Now Live

Spring is always a busy time of year, but it can feel even more hectic during an election year. Between the primaries and April tax deadlines, it’s important to take just 5 minutes to complete the US Expat Opinion survey and make sure your voice is heard.

This survey is an integral part of Greenback’s mission to advocate for expat rights worldwide and raise visibility of expat-related issues. Scroll down to see the results from the 2019 survey.

2019 Survey Highlights: 

The 2019 survey received input from more than 3,100 US expats, and includes insight into their thoughts on tax reform, reporting requirements, citizenship renunciation, amnesty programs, and more. Key findings from 2019 include:

– 71% of US expats do not feel they should be required to file US taxes while living abroad. This number has risen 4% since 2018.

– 43% of expats did not know about the Streamlined Filing Procedures –an IRS amnesty program that helps taxpayers become compliant without facing penalties.

– 20% of expats said they would like to use the procedures to get caught up.

– 26% of expats are either seriously considering renouncing or planning to renounce their citizenship in the near term, which has increased by 5% since last year.

– Of those who said they would renounce their US citizenship, 39% said their decision to renounce was based on the burden of filing US taxes each year.

– 17% said their interest in renunciation was based on disappointment with the direction of the American government, and another 11% say that they wish to renounce because they married a non-US citizen abroad.

– A massive 89% of expats believe that they are not fairly represented by the US government, up 3% from last year.

For a complete list of findings from the 2019 survey, click here.

What We’re Asking in 2020: 

Some questions in the 2020 survey will be the same as 2019, which allows us to gauge opinions to see if they’re changed or largely stayed the same. One can expect to see questions about streamlined tax filing, FATCA, and FBAR.

New and updated for this year’s survey include questions relating to the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2018, voting in the primaries and the US presidential election, which will take place in November of this year.

Why Complete the Survey: 

In addition to ensuring a voice for all Americans living abroad, when you take our 2020 US expat income tax survey, you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 gift card from! So, take action now. Our survey takes just a few minutes of your time, and who knows! Once we’ve chosen a winner, you could be planning your next weekend getaway.

Are Your Taxes in Good Shape?

If not, after you take the survey, get started with Greenback today! We’re the expat specialists, and we’ll make sure your taxes are hassle-free.

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