25 Things to Know About 2018 Expat Taxes

Free Guide to 2018 Expat Taxes

US expats around the world share at least two things in common: they are American citizens, and generally, those without backgrounds in tax or finance are surprised to hear that they retain a tax-filing requirement. Whether you are a seasoned tax-filer or a newbie to the expat tax realm, our guide, 25 Things to Know About US Expat Taxes, can help you gain more than a passing familiarity with 2018 expat taxes.

Why Should I Download This Guide?

This guide, just like every tax guide created by the expat-specialist accountants at Greenback, is free. Greenback prides itself on maintaining a robust library of up-to-the-minute guides for expats to use. It’s part of our commitment to spreading awareness of expat issues around the globe.

What Will I Learn?

The 25 Things to Know About US Expat Taxes guide walks you through the sometimes-complicated subject of filing expat taxes. From basic ideas like deadlines and who needs to file, to more complicated topics like tracking your travel time to qualify for residency tests, the guide covers it all. Interested in how to reduce your taxable income? Get the details on how to qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE), Foreign Tax Credit, as well as how dependent children can affect your 2018 expat taxes. If you realize you’ve made a mistake on previous expat tax returns, the guide explains how to file an amended return. Curious about Social Security, State Tax Returns, or citizenship renunciation? Reading the 25 Things to Know About US Expat Taxes guide will help you understand your 2018 expat taxes. Download your free copy today!

Questions About 2018 Expat Taxes?

Greenback’s team of specialist accountants devotes their time exclusively to expat taxes. If you have a question, you can know for a fact that you are receiving expert information. Contact us today! If you’re ready to file a tax return, you can also get started today.