Expat Tax Services Customers – This is for You!!!

Editor’s Note: Greenback now offers $25 off tax prep services when you refer a friend. Get the details here!

Greenback Expat Tax Services – Redesigned!

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work redesigning our new website to explain our expat tax services and are happy to announce that is is now live! So, why are we so thrilled? For those of you familiar with our old site, you’ll notice that we have a brand new look and feel, lots of new content about US expat taxes, our expat tax services, and more detailed profiles of our team of expat CPAs.  But, that’s not why we are so excited. The reason we are so excited is that we finally have a place on our website where we can tell you a bit more about our customers.

At Greenback Expat Tax Services, our hearts swell with pride each time we get a customer come back to us and say “thank you,” when our customers refer us to their friends, and when we turn someone from a tax avoider (we get lots of “I need help, am desperate … what am I going to do!!!???” type emails) to someone whose once-nagging task each year (“Taxes! Ugh!”)  becomes a non-event. We are so happy our expat tax services are so helpful to so many expats.  We loved every minute of reading through our customer comments and happily adding them to our website as a mini brag book. It’s what keeps us going!

In the spirit of thank you’s, we are taking the opportunity with the launch of our new website and our customer case study section to announce a special refer-a-friend program.

From now until May 15th, we’ll give all of our customers $25 off of our expat tax services for every friend they refer who becomes our customer, too. No limits (you refer 10 friends, you get $250 off your return!). The only rules are

  1. they have to tell us about you when they first contact us or register (we ask everyone how they heard about us), and
  2. they have to do their return with us, too.

How can you spread the word?

  • Head on over to our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/greenbacktax), give us a “Like!” and share your experience with your friends and why they should use us for their taxes.
  • Drop an email to any American expats you know with a link to our site (greenbacktaxservices.com). They can register with us then and there if they want to.
  • If you are a member of any expat groups (or just groups that have lots of expats), put up a post on their website or intranet letting them know about us.

Thanks. And remember, we love feedback (tell us what you liked but also how we can improve), so email us anytime with your comments at info(at)greenbacktaxservices.com.

Interested in expat tax services?

If you are on the fence about hiring an expat specialist, have a look at our post on 10 reasons to hire an expat tax services specialist. And if you would like to know more about our own expat tax services, please contact us.


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