A Guide to Foreign Property Investment for Expats
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Guide to Foreign Real Estate and Taxes for US Expats

US expats who are interested in buying, selling, or otherwise investing in foreign property and overseas real estate: we’ve got good news. We’ve created a guide to help you navigate the complicated process, including the implications of the foreign real estate on your US taxes. Don’t fall prey to the beginner’s mistakes many expats make when […]

Case Study Physical Presence Test
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Case Study: Expat Who Didn’t Yet Qualify for the Physical Presence Test

US expats must file tax returns each year, regardless of where they live. Thankfully the IRS created certain credits, deductions, and exclusions to avoid dual taxation. But here’s the catch: you must qualify as an official US expat to take advantage of these! We recently wrote about the differences between the physical presence test and […]

June Deadline Approaching for Expatriate Taxes
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Time to Complete Your Expatriate Taxes – the June Deadline is Approaching!

If you’re an expat living abroad on Tax Day (which was April 17th this year), congratulations – you receive an automatic two-month extension to file your Federal expatriate taxes, making them due on June 15th. However, you may file an extension on top of that, making your tax due date October 15th. It’s important to note, though, that […]

Who Has to File an FBAR or Tax Return?
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Who Has to File an FBAR or Tax Return? IRS Reminds Foreign Asset Holders About Filing Obligations

This past week, the IRS issued a reminder to US citizens and resident aliens to find out whether or not they have a tax liability. They also noted that the April deadline pertains to FBARs (foreign bank account reports) as well. This year the reminder bears special heeding as the end of the OVDP (Offshore […]