Personal US Expat Tax Information

Cryptocurrency Made Less Cryptic for US Expats

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard the term cryptocurrency or you’re a crypto-connoisseur, this is relatively new territory – and you’ll want to understand precisely how this new currency can affect your expat taxes. What exactly is cryptocurrency? Is it an investment? Is it legal tender? And, how does the IRS treat cryptocurrency? […]

Personal US Expat Tax Information

Expatriate Tax Preparation: The Documents You Need to Make Expat Tax Prep Easy

Expatriate tax preparation can sometimes feel like a tough process. It doesn’t have to be! Understanding what docs to provide will make the process go smoother on both sides. BASIC INFORMATION Tax Questionnaire Once you engage an accounting practice for your overseas tax return preparation you will likely be provided with a “Tax Questionnaire.” This form […]

US Employees Working Overseas Tax Implications
Personal US Expat Tax Information

US Expat Taxes for US Employees on Foreign Assignments

As the trend for sending employees overseas increases, it’s important for domestic US businesses to understand the full assortment of US expat tax issues that arise for both the employee and the employer. The employer cost of sending an employee abroad can be expensive, when you factor in such items as travel, equalization packages, various […]