Guide to Filing US Taxes

A Beginners Guide to Filing US Taxes

Even when American citizens live abroad, the US tax system still requires that they file tax returns on an annual basis. Understanding what fundamental forms and documents are needed is a crucial start in order to become compliant. Our expat-specialist experts have created the guide below to pilot you through the process of filing US […]

Start Your Expat Tax Planning With This Handy Document Checklist

Overwhelmed with tax time? Perfectly understandable! Having to sort through and locate tax documents can be quite overwhelming… maybe even downright stressful. Furthermore, as expats, the typical end of year 1099s or W-2s which can help summarize your tax data are not generated by foreign countries. To make this daunting task a little simpler, we’ve […]

2019 Expat Tax FAQs

The new year is underway, and it’s the perfect time to get all your burning questions about expat taxes answered. We’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about state taxes, federal taxes, interest, penalties, and estimated payments for expats. Will I Need to File a Federal US Tax Return? Almost certainly. All US […]

Expat Tax Planning 101

Perhaps you’ve been offered a fantastic new position overseas. Maybe you’ve decided to move abroad to form an exciting new start-up? Or, you might be off to retire to your dream location in an exotic or historic place. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that the US still taxes you on your worldwide income, and in […]