Expatriate Tax Preparer and the Bona Fide Residence Test

Qualifying as a Bona Fide Resident Can Save You Money on Expat Taxes!

Anyone planning on being their own expatriate tax preparer needs to know about the bona fide residence test. The bona fide residence test is used to determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements for certain tax deductions. The most significant deduction it will qualify you for is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. The bona fide […]

Smart Money Moves: FIRE for US Expats

FIRE for US Expats: How to Make Smart Money Moves

Many expat entrepreneurs are interested in the financially independent, retire early (FIRE) movement. The tips below can help FIRE for US expats become a reality. FIRE for US Expats Can Become a Reality We’ll begin with some strategies that you should consider if your situation allows. Consider a “Tax-Free” Roth IRA Conversion. In the past […]

Citizenship Renunciation and US Expat Estimates

State Department Estimates, Citizenship Renunciation, and US Expats

The US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is an agency tasked with protecting the lives and interests of US expats overseas. You may be familiar with them if you or someone you know has experienced births, deaths, disasters, arrests, or medical emergencies during your time abroad. Infrequently, they release data about how many […]

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Combat Zone Exclusion

Combat Zone Workers Can Use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

If you work in a combat zone, you can exclude a hefty portion of your salary or compensation either through the Combat Zone Exclusion or through the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.   What Is the Combat Zone Exclusion?  The combat zone exclusion applies to wages and compensation paid by the US government to military and civilian employees. To qualify, employees must be […]

Impact of Buying and Selling Property on US Expat Taxes

US Expat Taxes: Buying and Selling Real Estate Abroad

Moving abroad is a stressful process, even moreso when you throw in property purchases abroad and the impact on your US expat taxes. So many issues surround the ownership of foreign property, including market conditions, foreign mortgages, exchange rates, new cultures, and even different legal structures. As you may already know, a US citizen’s worldwide […]