Expatriates Tax Australia

US Expat Taxes Explained: Filing Taxes as an American Living in Australia

With its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and laid-back, English-speaking culture, it is no wonder that Australia is such an attractive destination for American expatriates. Also, one-fifth of the Australian population was born outside the country, and Australia has a points-based residency system that makes it fairly accessible to those with the desired skills and education. […]

Taxes for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

Top Things to Know About Filing Taxes for Expatriates in Saudi Arabia

How will living in Saudi Arabia affect taxes for expatriates?  The opportunities and favorable tax structures have made many Gulf nations desirable destinations for expats from around the globe. Even if you face an advantageous tax structure in your host country, you could be affected adversely on your US taxes for expatriates – and this is just […]

US Expatriate Tax in the Netherlands

Filing a US Expatriate Tax Return as an American Living in the Netherlands

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­You are going to be required to file US expat taxes regardless of the country in which you live, but how will your taxes be affected if you’ve chosen to live in the Netherlands? Understanding how your taxes would change with a move to the Netherlands is important, so we’ve broken the information down for […]

Working Overseas Tax Obligations in Singapore

US Expat Taxes Explained: Working Overseas Tax for Americans Living in Singapore

Low crime rates, cleanliness, and global culture make Singapore an attractive destination for expats. How does moving to Singapore affect your US expat taxes? Are you considering joining the group of over 2 million expatriates currently residing in Singapore? This article will help educate you about the tax implications of such a move and the […]