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Shop here. Ship There. Affordably. Conveniently.

The following is a guest post from Ken Crouse of, a convenient and ultra-logical shipping solution for expats around the world.  Unless you are a die-hard expat who feels you ‘really are just a local now’, you probably miss shopping online in the US.  Online shopping offers you: Variety—you get exactly what you want Affordability—you can bargain shop […]

Greenback runner up for expat tax Award
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Greenback Expat Tax Services is the 2013 Runner-Up for the European EMMA Award

We are proud to announce that Greenback is this year’s runner-up for Tax Provider of the Year! This Expatriate Management & Mobility Award (EMMA) celebrates companies who have demonstrated a superior commitment to providing outstanding service to the millions of expatriates around the world. The results were presented by the Forum for Expatriate Management at […]

American Abroad: Tax Prep takes 22 hours on average. Let us help, so you can take back your weekend.
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Did you know the average person spends 22 hours on their taxes? We think that’s just crazy. Take Back Your Weekend and let US take care of your expat taxes! Enter our Take Back Your Weekend Sweepstakes and you could win: FREE Federal Tax Preparation (3 winners) $75 Off Our Expat Tax Preparation (3 winners) To […]

Expat Tax Advice from Christopher Columbus
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Finance & Expat Tax Advice from Christopher Columbus

In this guest post, Norman Viss, from Expat Everyday Support Center, describes some of the important financial lessons US expats can learn from Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ America. That’s how he has been presented to millions of US school children for decades, if not centuries. Current reviews of Columbus the man, the explorer and […]

Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad- be prepared
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Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad: Planning for Emergencies

A guest article by Ellen Harris, International Product Director, Living Abroad LLC Even the savviest travelers can encounter emergency situations while living abroad. Preparation is key. Emergency plans In the event of a crisis, a prearranged plan provides direction and alleviates panic. The plan may entail removal to a safe in-country location or evacuation from […]