us tax return considerations when setting up a business

US Tax Return Considerations When Setting Up A Business in a Foreign Country

Living abroad as a US expat does not exclude you from setting up a business in your resident country. And there are many things you need to keep in mind in order to prevent surprises at tax time! In addition to the major business decisions such as location, trends in markets, economic climate, and language barriers – you […]

Know US Tax Tips Before Sending Employees Overseas

Don’t Send Your Employees Overseas Without These Top US Tax Tips!

Are you one of the millions of employers who are planning to send employees on overseas assignments? Global expansion has come into focus and many business owners are recognizing its value for both the company and the employee. But what employees don’t know can cost them. And oftentimes, tax implications are overlooked. It’s your job […]

Top 5 Expat Tax Tips When Negotiating an Overseas Contract

These days, the corporate world has no boundaries! More and more employers are recognizing the value of a global workforce. The number of employees moving overseas for their job has increased exponentially. While moving abroad can be a personally, professionally and financially rewarding experience, it is important to fully evaluate your contract to ensure the […]