Download Our Document Checklist to Make Your US Expat Income Tax Filing Easy!

US Expat Income Tax Document Checklist

Whether you already filed your US expat income tax return or are having a hard time getting started, keeping important tax documents in good order is always a good idea. If expat tax filing is still haunting your to-do list, start gathering the paperwork now. We’ve prepared a checklist of specific documents needed to help you get started on this year’s filing. And of course, our guide will be helpful as you put together your files in preparation for next year!

What Documents Do I Need For My US Expat Income Tax Filing?

You’ll need to have documents accessible that summarize all of your income during the year. This may simply mean documentation of wages paid by your employer. On the other hand, if you are self-employed, you will need to keep records of your gross income (before deductions) and your total expenses (categorized). However, our checklist will walk you through other paperwork you may need if you’re receiving investment earnings, retirement income, government benefits, or income from other sources.

You also may be required to report investment gains and losses on securities and real estate. You likely have documentation from your financial institutions that will help you with this process; depending on where you live, these records may be hard to locate. So get started today!

Finally, if you submitted taxes last season, that US expat income tax filing can help to guide you through what you’ll need this year and provide quick access to carryover amounts that you’ll need for this year’s filing. And if you didn’t, don’t worry, we can help you become compliant in no time!

What If I’ve Already Filed My US Expat Income Tax Return?

First off, congratulations! Consider setting up a file for your 2018 information to make next year’s work as easy as possible. Put a copy of our checklist in the front of your file to help you keep track of what you’ll need by this time year.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to cross your US expat income tax filing off your to-do list, get started with Greenback Expat Tax Services today! We have accountants on hand ready to help you become compliant.