Time to Complete Your Expatriate Taxes – the June Deadline is Approaching!

If you’re an expat living abroad on Tax Day (which was April 17th this year), congratulations – you receive an automatic two-month extension to file your Federal expatriate taxes, making them due on June 15th. However, you may file an extension on top of that, making your tax due date October 15th. It’s important to note, though, that any taxes owed are technically due on Tax Day (April 17th) and you are responsible for paying interest on any amount owed until the IRS receives payment.

Note: if you moved back to the US prior to Tax Day, your Federal expatriate taxes were due April 17th. If you need to file your late taxes, we can help you get caught up right away!

State Tax Returns

Depending on the state you lived in back in the US, you may also have to file a state tax return if you lived and worked in the state at any point during the 2017 tax year. Most state deadlines follow the Federal deadline (April 17ththis year), but there are some who have unique due date requirements. If you think you need to file a state return, check out this list for guidelines regarding deadlines and extensions in your state.

Don’t Forget About FBAR!

Did you have more than $10,000 in foreign bank accounts at any point during 2017? If so, you will also be required to submit your Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) filing. This deadline is coming up on April 17th. This deadline can be extended to Oct. 15th with your 1040 extension.

There are quite severe penalties for not filing your FBAR on time, so it’s essential to send in the required form by the due date. Also, FBAR forms must be filed separately from your US expatriate taxes – you’ll submit them to the US Treasury, via the FinCEN department.

Need Help Filing Your Expatriate Taxes By the June 15th Deadline?

Don’t wait – get started with us today! Our team of expat-expert CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents can help make this year’s taxes a hassle-free process so you can get back to your amazing adventure abroad.

Originally published May 13, 2016; updated April 23, 2018.

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