Expats, Now Is the Time to Rise Up

Expat 2018 Opinion Survey: Tax Reform

Any lingering sentiments that taxes are not a fascinating, ever-changing topic have hopefully been quelled over the past several months. First, there was the tax reform, the most significant upheaval of the American tax system in the past forty years, the results of which are still being sorted out. Then the IRS announced the closing of the OVDP, an amnesty program for those who are purposefully hiding money in offshore accounts. Expats often feel left out of the national conversation, but this needn’t be the case. Now is the time to speak up and voice your opinion!

How Can I Participate?

As Greenback Co-Founder Carrie McKeegan recently mentioned in her Medium article, voting is one of the most critical ways expats can stay involved in American politics. Your taxes pay for, among other things, your vote to be counted, so there’s no reason not to! If you need help with the logistics, nonpartisan organizations like Overseas Vote can assist you.

Another great way to help ensure that expat voices are heard is to participate in our annual survey! We partner with trusted, influential expat groups and the media to raise the profile of the issues expats bring to light. Taking the five minute survey is a great way to advocate for the subjects that most concern expats!

Why Should I Participate?

Voting is fundamental to being an engaged American citizen. An increase in voter turnout means a more representative democracy, and it is the only way expats can ensure they have the ear of the government.

When you participate in our survey, you have the chance to enter a drawing for a $1,000 Hotels.com gift card! We are finding out not only how expats feel about the tax reform but issues beyond taxes – and we want to help ensure the collective expat voice is taken seriously. Take our survey today, prepare to vote in the upcoming elections, and you will know you have done everything you can to support expat presence from overseas.

Have Questions About Our Survey?

We’re always happy to share how we’ve utilized the information from previous surveys and why we care so deeply about our expat community. Read our findings from previous surveys.