Secrets of an Expert Tax Service: 10 Things Tax-Savvy Expats Never Do

Expert Tax Service Guide

Like a how-to in reverse, our guide to the 10 things that tax savvy expats never do will help you avoid some of the most common expat tax pratfalls our expert tax service accountants see. If you haven’t already downloaded this free guide, you’re missing out! Find out what our handy guide can do to help you break down the fundamentals of expat tax reporting requirements.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Unless they have a background in accounting, most expats don’t start out tax-savvy! If you want to make sure you’re not overlooking deductions and exclusions that could save you money on your expat taxes, download our guide and learn the fundamentals of being expat tax savvy. Our guide covers:

  • Deductions that are often missed for self-employed expats
  • Foreign housing expenses that qualify for a deduction
  • Social security agreements that are frequently neglected
  • Easy-to-miss moving expense deductions
  • How to file for an extension
  • And more!

This straightforward guide deciphers some of the more complicated parts of being taxed as an expat – from how to know if you need to file FATCA Form 8938 to reducing rental income tax. The best part? It’s easy to read and is written without confusing, technical tax jargon so that each part is easily digestible for expats without an advanced degree in accounting. Plus, our entire library of guides is available to everyone, free of charge, so that you can be sure you always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. So, download the guide to the 10 Things Tax-Savvy Expats Never Do, and get started learning the tax mistakes you can easily avoid.

Put Your Taxes in the Hands of the Expert Tax Service

If you’d rather have our expat accountants make your tax-filing experience hassle-free, get started with Greenback today so that you can get back to your adventure abroad.