IRS Gives US Taxpayers An Extra Day to File!

Great news for American taxpayers: you have an extra day to file your taxes! The new tax deadline for 2018 is midnight on April 18.

If you had trouble accessing certain parts of the IRS website on Tuesday, you weren’t the only one. Significant technical difficulties cropped up, adding to the stress of an already stressful day. On several central IRS web pages, an error message emerged: “This service is unavailable.” Pages that were at times inaccessible included the tool that allows taxpayers to view their current outstanding balance, make payments, and set up a payment plan.

Though Americans living abroad receive an automatic extension until June 15th, interest on any expat taxes owed starts accruing when taxes are due. Luckily for those affected by the system outages, the date has been pushed to Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

The IRS spokesperson acknowledged the technical difficulties but could not provide an estimated time for when access would be restored. With the looming midnight deadline, many felt the added stress of the unexpected delay. The IRS did not expand on the cause of the issue and noted that taxpayers still should have been able to file their tax returns, but certain other functionality was unavailable.

However, the IRS apologized for the delay and is giving taxpayers an extra day – until midnight of April 18th – to file their tax returns. Taxpayers need not do anything to receive the extension – it will be automatic. So, if you’re in the midst of completing your expat taxes – press on! You could still make it!

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