Join Our Live, Free Webinar for Expats Behind on US Taxes

Free Webinar for Expats Behind on US Taxes

Being late on taxes has always put expats in a risky spot, and the IRS has ramped up the stakes now more so than ever. To help with the upcoming compliance initiatives, passport revocation, and new options for late filers, the expert accountants at Greenback are hosting a free webinar for expats behind on US taxes! Find out what you will learn and how to sign up for this money-saving (not to mention gray-hair-saving) freebie below.

So, What Is This Webinar All About?

With all the changes that have happened over the past year, expats may be surprised by the new era of tax compliance headed their way. The IRS is cracking down on those who are behind on US taxes – even those who live overseas and are unaware they needed to file in the first place. And the IRS has doubled down on efforts to begin passport revocation for those who are not caught up on their taxes, a process that disproportionately affects Americans living abroad. Luckily, expats currently still have the opportunity to use some amnesty programs – including the Streamlined Filing Procedures – to get caught up. So, our webinar will walk expats through all the latest information they need to know about getting caught up before it’s too late, including:

  • New compliance initiatives that target expats in particular, such as the S Corporations Built In Gains Tax, Post-OVDP Compliance, Expatriation, High Income Non-Filer, US Territories – Erroneous Refundable Credits, and the Section 457A Deferred Compensation Attributable to Services Performed Before January 1, 2009
  • Passport revocation: who will be targeted, and how to avoid this situation
  • The rise in noncompliance notices
  • The IRS crackdown, how it affects expats, and the most cost effective ways to get caught up
  • The consequences that expats who are behind on US taxes will face if they stay noncompliant
  • How expats can use the temporarily available amnesty programs to get caught up penalty-free, if they meet the requirements

How Do I Know If I’m Behind on US Taxes?

Americans who live abroad keep their tax-filing requirements for life, as long as they meet the thresholds. The only permanent way to change this is to renounce citizenship, which can be an expensive and inconvenient process as well. Even expats who do not need to pay taxes will still likely need to file taxes in order to avoid the fines and penalties the IRS levies against those who aren’t compliant. If you haven’t been filing annually, chances are, you are behind on US taxes.

An excellent first step toward compliance is reserving a spot at our webinar. It’s free, and our accountants specialize in expat taxes, meaning it won’t be full of information irrelevant to you. Plus, at the end of the webinar, you’ll have the chance to get any remaining questions answered during our live Q&A. But be sure to sign up today, as space is limited.

Let Greenback Make Your Taxes Simple

If you’d rather skip the webinar and cross taxes off your to-do list now, get started with Greenback. Our experts will make the process stress- and hassle-free.

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