Join Us for Our Free Webinar: Your Top Expat Questions Answered (Including the New Tax Bill!)

Register for Our Free Webinar: Your Expat Income Tax Questions Answered

If you’re like a lot of expats, you might be struggling to find the motivation to start on your expat income tax return filing this season – especially if you’re a few years behind! Well, we’ve got the perfect remedy. Greenback Co-Founder David McKeegan and one of our fantastic accountants will be hosting a live, free, interactive webinar answering the most common questions expats have about their taxes. With all the changes that have come down the pike recently, we’re sure you won’t want to miss this!

What Is the Webinar About?

During the webinar, our experts will cover:

  • Important 2018 dates and deadlines
  • The 4 F’s for expats: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Tax Credit, Foreign Bank Account Report, and FATCA
  • Everything you need to know about the tax reform

Plus, we’ll have a live Q&A session at the end! When is the last time you were able to bend the ear of your accountant – for free? This is the perfect time to get those pesky questions answered – you know, the questions that keep you from getting started on your taxes. Expat income tax filing may never be simple, but if you’re equipped with the information you need, the task will not seem nearly so daunting.

How Do I Sign Up?

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at noon GMT and click here to register!

We have a limited number of spaces for the webinar, so the sooner you can register, the better! We’ll see you there!

Questions About the Webinar?

Contact us anytime with questions about the webinar or specifics on filing your expat income tax return. We’re always here to help!