Greenback Expat Tax Services Named a Finalist for Two EMMA Awards

Greenback Expat Tax Services Named Finalist for Two EMMAs

2017 continues to be exciting here at Greenback! We’re so proud to share that we’ve been named a finalist for the Asia Pacific Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards (EMMAs) for “Tax Provider of the Year” in addition to the “Thought Leadership: Best Survey or Research Study of the Year” for our 2017 US Expat Opinion Survey.

What Are the EMMA Awards?

Greenback Expat Tax Services EMMA Finalist

The EMMA Awards were created by the Forum for Expatriate Management to recognize the efforts of companies providing outstanding global mobility services. To be selected for these prestigious awards, companies must show how they’ve made significant contributions within the industry through innovation and a strong commitment to positively impacting the lives of expat clients.

The Latest and Greatest at Greenback

We’re so grateful to be recognized among some fantastic companies in the categories of Tax Provider of the Year and Thought Leadership: Best Survey or Research Study of the Year – and we have each and every one of our customers to thank for helping us get here! So far in 2017:

  • Our accountant team has grown to 29 strong, including a UK Chartered Accountant and a Canadian accountant, which allows us to provide services to meet the filing requirements in those countries in addition to filing US expat taxes.
  • The team is brimming with expertise – 12 are Enrolled Agents, 16 are Certified Public Accountants, 14 have Masters Degrees and two have JDs. You can read more about our team here.
  • We currently represent over 6 continents, 8 countries and 16 US states – having firsthand experience with traveling and living abroad means the team truly understands the ins and outs and challenges US expats face on a daily basis.
  • Since 2009, we’ve prepared over 20,000 US expat tax returns, providing expat tax services to nearly 8,400 expats in 211 countries and territories – and growing!

We couldn’t have achieved these milestones without our wonderful customers – thank you all!

Our 2017 US Expat Opinion Survey

While we always have a focus on high-quality US Tax Return preparation, we also conduct an annual survey to gather the opinions of US expats on the tax issues that impact them most. We aim to raise awareness of the expat tax and lifestyle issues facing Americans living abroad and our goal is to work with influential expat organizations to help protect and promote the interests of Americans abroad and ensure the US expat voice is heard!

For our most recent annual US Expat Opinion Survey, held in Spring 2017, we surveyed over 2,100 US expats living and working in other countries with various incomes and professions. The feedback we received and compiled from our annual survey provides our expat partners and other expat organizations with a stronger platform to represent the voice and best interests of American citizens living abroad when it comes to important topics like expat taxes, citizenship renunciation and fair representation by the US government, among others. You can read more about this year’s results here.

This year’s survey garnered the interests of CNBC and Politico, who published articles featuring our results – both outlets had particular interest in citizenship renunciation and FATCA compliance.

A sincere thank you to the EMMA committee for recognizing Greenback as a finalist in the categories of “Tax Provider of the Year” and “Thought Leadership: Best Survey or Research Study of the Year,” and a big congrats to our fellow shortlisted candidates within the industry for making an impact on the lives of Americans working overseas!

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