Greenback Wins Highly Commended Recognition For Tax Provider of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Greenback Expat Tax Services has been awarded the honor of “Highly Commended” as Tax Provider of the Year by the Forum for Expatriate Management. This award from Americas EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) is distributed to expat-specific companies for best practices and outstanding contributions to global mobility. Thank you to the EMMA committee!

Why This Award Is So Important

The EMMAs are held by FEM (the Forum for Expatriate Management), a company established in 2008 and regarded as “the premier worldwide community for Global Mobility professionals.” They review a wide range of companies before selecting the best in class – companies that stand out as making a difference in global mobility.

Tax Provider of the Year falls into the service category of awards and goes to the company “that has demonstrated best in class tax service provision across regions or locations in the last year.” Receiving the highly commended recognition is such an honor because our excellence has been acknowledged within the US expat community, and it affirms that Greenback is accomplishing our goals as a US expat tax provider. This isn’t Greenback’s first recognition from the Forum for Expatriate Management, and we are grateful to FEM for continuing to recognize our efforts as a tax provider by giving us the “Highly Commended” recognition.

What Makes Greenback Expat Tax Services Stand Out

Our big success this year was redefining US expats’ online portal experience. We developed a brand-new customer portal – the Greenback Tax Companion – built entirely from scratch based on feedback from the expats we work with around the world and with the best-in-class data security and privacy. One of the more amazing features is that the Greenback Tax Companion automatically adapts to ask only pertinent questions and request only relevant documents, saving expats time and frustration.

Plus, we have experienced accountants all over the world helping US expats with their taxes. Many of our accountants have firsthand experience with traveling and living abroad, which means the team truly understands the challenges US expats face daily. We search the world over to select the right team to simplify the tax experience and make it a hassle-free process for all US expats!

Want to Find Out More About Greenback Expat Tax Services?

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