Greenback Expat Tax Services Shortlisted for Americas EMMA Awards Once Again!

Greenback Expat Tax Services Shortlisted for EMMA Awards

Greenback is Shortlisted For EMMA Award Again We are delighted to announce that Greenback Expat Tax Services has been shortlisted for the Americas EMMA Awards in two categories: Tax Provider of the Year and Thought Leadership. Each year, the Americas EMMAs (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) are awards distributed to expat-specific companies for best practices and outstanding contributions to global mobility. We are so proud to be considered for these important and prestigious awards. Thank you to the EMMA committee and congratulations to our fellow shortlisted candidates!

What Does the Award Mean?

The EMMAs are held by FEM (the Forum for Expatriate Management), a company established in 2008 and regarded as “the premier worldwide community for Global Mobility professionals.” They review a wide range of companies before selecting the best in class – companies that stand out as making a difference in global mobility. This is Greenback’s sixth consecutive year being shortlisted for an award.

What Do the Award Categories Signify?

Tax Provider of the Year falls into the service category of awards and goes to the company “that has demonstrated best in class tax service provision across regions or locations in the last year.”

Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year is open to all global mobility companies, and the winner is selected based on which organization “produced the most leading, relevant and comprehensive research on a topic within global mobility.”

We are honored to be recognized as extraordinary amongst our expat tax-providing peers, and doubly honored to be recognized in a category with a focus that goes beyond expat taxes. Greenback has won EMMA awards before, and we are grateful to FEM for recognizing our efforts as a tax provider as well as a thought leader due to our annual Expat Opinion Survey.

Tax Provider of the Year

This year, the Greenback team has gone to great lengths to make the expat tax services we provide reach legendary proportions. We developed a brand-new customer portal –the Greenback Tax Companion – built entirely from scratch based on feedback from the expats we work with around the world. The Greenback Tax Companion is our secure online platform that was designed with the customer in mind. It is built with the best-in-class data security and privacy and will make tax time infinitely easier. One of the more amazing features is that the Greenback Tax Companion automatically adapts to ask only pertinent questions and request only relevant documents, saving expats time and frustration.

Plus, we have experienced accountants from all over the world helping US expats with their US taxes. Many of our accountants have firsthand experience with traveling and living abroad, which means the team truly understands the ins and outs and challenges US expats face on a daily basis. We search the world over to select the right team to simplify the tax experience and make it a hassle-free process for all US expats!

Last but not least, we strive to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute expat tax information, resources and news. We invest our money, time, and talent to research and create valuable guides to help expats navigate the changing atmosphere of the tax world. For this and so many other reasons, we are hopeful to be chosen Tax Provider of the Year!

Thought Leadership and Our Expat Opinion Survey

Our Expat Opinion Survey has produced thorough, revealing trends in expat mentalities toward representation in American government and taxation requirements. If you haven’t participated in our 2018 survey yet – now is a great time to do so! Not only will you make your voice heard, you can enter to win a $1,000 gift card to! We offer this survey because Greenback truly wants to help promote the interests of Americans living abroad.

Want to Find Out More About Our Award-Winning Tax Services?

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Greenback is Shortlisted For EMMA Award Again

Greenback is Shortlisted For EMMA Award Again