Greenback Shortlisted for Three EMMA Awards

Once again, Greenback’s innovations to simplify the process of preparing US expat taxes has been recognized by the Forum for Expatriate Management, as we have been shortlisted in multiple categories for the 2019 APAC EMMA awards. We are honored to be considered for these prestigious awards and proud to be in the company of businesses who share our passion for making the lives of Americans living abroad easier.  

What Are the EMMAs? 

EMMA stands for Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards, and, each year, the Forum for Expatriate Management recognizes companies around the world for the services they provide to expats. According to their website, the EMMAs “celebrate the best and brightest of the global mobility industry and the supporting suppliers and vendors.”. This year, we are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for three awards in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) EMMA awards, which will be presented in Singapore on September 5th.  

What Awards Is Greenback Nominated For? 

  • Banking, Tax or Financial Services Innovation of the Year for being a top-provider for US expat tax preparation.
  • Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility – Bespoke Solutions for the Greenback Tax Companion- Our new system that has been skillfully designed using feedback from expats all over the world to make expat tax prep faster and more hassle-free than ever before.  
  • Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year for our 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey– Our annual, global survey that gathered the opinions and attitudes of over 3,100 US expats, to better understand the unique issues that Americans face while living abroad. This year’s survey garnered more media interest than our prior surveys and our findings were shared with millions by CNBC and Yahoo! Finance.  

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