The APAC Forum for Expatriate Management Shortlists Greenback Expat Tax Services for Thought Leadership Award!

We’re so excited that Greenback Expat Tax Services been shortlisted for the Thought Leadership Award by the Forum for Expatriate Management! The EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) goes to the company that conducted the best survey or research study of the year. We’re thrilled to be the only tax provider in the running for this award!

Has Greenback Expat Tax Services Won EMMA Awards Before?

Greenback received an EMMA award for Tax Provider of the Year and other FEM EMMA recognition, which is an exceptional honor. We are honored to be considered among the best of the best for our services that reach beyond tax preparation and into what we do for the expat community at large.

Why Is Greenback Being Considered for a Thought Leadership Award?

Each year, we conduct an expat opinion survey that discovers everything from what expats think about their annual filing requirements to whether or not they are aware of FATCA and FBAR. This year, we also surveyed expats about what current policy issues are most important to them, and how they feel those issues should be addressed. The results were fascinating and indicated that expats are still very engaged in American politics, and wish they received better representation by the US government.

We conduct this survey because Greenback Expat Tax Services was founded by expats, and many of our accountants and staff are expats as well! We care about the expat experience worldwide and want to promote and advocate for expat-related causes whenever possible. We’re grateful to the over 3,800 expats who gave us their time and their opinions for the 2018 US Expat Survey, and we’re thankful to the EMMA committee for considering us for this incredible honor!

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