Reminder for Late Filers: E-Filing Shutdown

If you’ve been planning on electronically filing your US expat tax return, take note of the IRS e-filing shutdown in November.

What is the e-filing shutdown?

The e-filing shutdown is a routine event by the IRS in an effort to prepare their systems for the upcoming tax filing season. After the shutdown, tax returns will need to be filed on paper until the tax season opens.

In 2019, e-filing for the 2018 tax year ended on November 16th. In 2020, e-filing will be available until November, with the exact date being announced in October.

Who is affected by e-filing shutdown?

Taxpayers who have not yet filed will be affected, as e-filing is much faster than your standard paper filing (this is important since you have been accruing interest since April. ) Those who have extensions should also take note so you can take advantage of the convenience of electronically filing while you can. If you are behind on your taxes and taking advantage of the Streamlined program, this shut down will not effect you as Streamlined applications need to be paper filed and mailed in for processing.

What if I miss the window to e-file before the shutdown?

Keep preparing and gathering your documents. You can still file by paper.

Ready to get started?

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