Top Three Reasons to Take Our US Expatriate Opinion Survey Today!

Take Our US Expatriate Opinion Survey Today

If you have not taken our expat opinion survey yet, I have good news: you still have time! But you don’t have much. The survey closes this Friday, May 25th, and you won’t want to miss this chance! If you’re still on the fence, find out the top three reasons to take our survey today.

#1: You Could Win a $1,000 Gift Card to

If you’re like the expats we know, you like to explore. But even if exploring isn’t your thing, chances are you could use a weekend away! Where would you go with $1,000 to spend? A quaint inn near a charming town for a long weekend? A sunny resort with excellent room service? The possibilities are endless.

#2: You’ll Be Amplifying the US Expat Voice Around the World

As explained in Greenback Co-Founder Carrie McKeegan’s recent article in Medium, expats have a limited number of ways to engage in American politics. After we tally the information and read through the commentary, we don’t keep it to ourselves. We partner with influential expat organizations and the media to disseminate the relevant information, which allows us to expand our reach and ensure a broader population of US expats has the opportunity to have their voices heard.

#3: It Only Takes Five Minutes

We know you’re busy, but we’ve streamlined the survey so that it only takes five minutes! We want to find out how you feel about paying US expatriate taxes, government representation, citizenship renunciation, the tax reform, and more. Carve out a couple of minutes to give us your thoughts. We take them very seriously.

Take the Survey Today

With a chance to win a $1,000 gift card, the opportunity to help advocate for US expatriate issues, and the ability to do so in only five minutes, there’s no reason to hesitate! Take the survey today while you still have time.