Watch On-Demand Now: Your Top Expat Tax Questions Answered (Including the New Tax Bill!)

Expat Taxes: Your Questions Answered

The April 17th deadline will be here before you know it – you won’t want to miss this deadline unless you like paying interest on top of your taxes. If you’re feeling unprepared, watch our on-demand webinar to help answer your last minute questions and find out all the information that you missed! The webinar is free and you can watch it whenever your schedule allows, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

What Will I Learn About Expat Taxes?

Greenback Co-Founder David McKeegan co-hosted the event with Daria Prohorenko, one of Greenback’s expat-expert accountants, to bring you this invaluable resource that will help you sort out the issues that most expats find confusing. Learn about:

  • Important dates and deadlines in 2018
  • The 4 F’s for expats: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Tax Credit, Foreign Bank Account Report, and FATCA
  • Everything you need to know about the tax reform

Plus, you can watch a recording of the Q&A session at the end. With expat specialists at the helm, you’ll be ready to tackle your expat taxes in no time!

What Questions Were Covered?

Listed below are just a few of the questions answered:

  • Do I have to prove to the IRS that I am a foreign resident, or do I just file a return and claim the FEIE?
  • I am considering giving up my citizenship. What is the cost involved?
  • What is the current audit rate for expatriates?
  • If I have more than 3 years of returns past due following a move overseas and not knowing I needed to file in the US, would I still be able to use the streamlined filing program? And how would I address the years past due past year 3 in this scenario?
  • If I am owed a refund from the last partial year I lived in the US after moving overseas, is there a time limit on how many years I wait to file for this year before I will lose the refund?
  • I am thinking of starting my own small business in the UK. Is there something I can do when setting it up to benefit my tax situation?

Want to Cross Expat Taxes Off of Your To-Do List?

Our accountants can help make sure you receive every deduction available. You’ll need to file by April 17th to avoid paying interest on any tax amount owed, so get started with Greenback today!