Top Three Reasons You Should Take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Every year, Greenback surveys expats living around the globe about their opinions on everything from taxation to citizenship renunciation to political and ideological beliefs. These surveys help gauge trends in the expat community and raise the profile of pressing issues; but beyond that, expats who participate in the survey could win a grand prize. Read on to find out why you should take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey.

Reason #1: Making Your Voice Heard Is Important

So many issues are currently facing expats (like passport revocation!), and speaking out about these issues is the only way to find a solution. Expats are often surprised by the lingering tax-filing requirements that follow them on their international adventures, so it is safe to say that the resident Americans are likely also unaware of these requirements. The more that Americans are conscious of the blind spots within the American taxation system, the more likely politicians are to work to find a solution.

This year, the survey asks about the effects that tax filing, FATCA, and FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) have on expats. It also asks how the tax reform is affecting expats. When we get the results from these surveys, we share them not just with our expat community, but also our partners and the media.

Reason #2: Expat Dissatisfaction Is Creating Political Waves on a Global Scale

Recent news stories are proof that the unfairness of expat taxation is a cause that is gaining traction.  Just this March, some Accidental Americans living in France brought a lawsuit challenging the discriminatory policies of FATCA. The Accidental Americans involved in this case want to persuade the US to shift to residence-based taxation, repeal FATCA, and permit accidental Americans to renounce their citizenship without cost. If they are successful, expat taxes will be changed forever.

Also, Congressman George Holding introduced a bill late last year called the Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act that would exempt foreign income from US taxation. The bill, while far from becoming a law, is evidence that politicians are starting to listen to expats about their issues living as American citizens abroad. The time to act is now while expat taxation issues are continuing to make news around the globe!

Some expats choose to show their dissatisfaction by renouncing their citizenship. But, bringing a lawsuit or renouncing citizenship isn’t feasible for all expats. Do you know what is much more feasible? Taking a five-minute survey to voice your opinion.

Reason #3: You Could Win a $1,000 Gift Card

If the above reasons didn’t convince you to participate in our survey, hopefully, this one will: we’re entering everyone who takes the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey into a drawing for a $1,000 gift card! That’s right, you could win lodging for a weekend away just by sharing your valuable opinion with us. So don’t wait, take our survey today!

Take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey, Then Get Compliant on Your Taxes!

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