Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Combat Zone Exclusion

Combat Zone Workers Can Use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

If you work in a combat zone, you can exclude a hefty portion of your salary or compensation either through the Combat Zone Exclusion or through the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.   What Is the Combat Zone Exclusion?  The combat zone exclusion applies to wages and compensation paid by the US government to military and civilian employees. To qualify, employees must be […]

US Expat Taxes for Military Contractors

US Expat Taxes Explained: Implications for Military Contractors

If you are a military contractor, you are likely interested in finding out if your expat taxes are categorized as civilian or military. Generally speaking, military contractors working abroad must follow the same rules as civilian US citizens who work abroad. They must report all of their worldwide income on their US expat taxes, they […]