How to Exclude Foreign Income When Working Part-Time in the US

Qualifying for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion can be tricky if you aren’t living and working overseas 100% of the time. How does the IRS determine who qualifies and who does not? David McKeegan explains in this brief video. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everybody. I’m David McKeegan with Greenback Expat Tax Services and our question today […]

Expat Tax Advice: Should US Expats File Federal Tax Returns?

In this brief video, Greenback Expat Tax Services President and CEO David McKeegan addresses a question that many American expats ask: “Do I need to file a federal tax return?” Hi everybody. I’m David McKeegan from Greenback Expat Tax Services. Today, I wanted to answer a question that we get all the time. The question […]

Qualifying Bona Fide Resident

Qualify for US Expat Tax Breaks Using the Bona Fide Residence Test

The Bona Fide Residence Test is one of two tests that Americans living abroad can meet to qualify for the special allowances on their foreign income when filing expat tax returns. Some of the main expat tax benefits include the foreign tax credit, the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE), and the Foreign Housing Credit. The […]

Understanding the Bona Fide Resident Test – US Expat Taxes Explained

Americans living and working abroad are privy to a host of available tax deductions, credits, and benefits when filing for their US expat taxes. These allowances help US expats avoid dual taxation. They also allow them to claim many important exclusions, like the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. In order to qualify however, US expatriates living […]