Central Provident Funds for Expats in Singapore

How the IRS Treats Central Provident Funds (CPFs)

Expats who live in Singapore will want to know about CPFs, otherwise known as Central Provident Funds. These funds comprise the Singaporean social security program that allows working Singapore citizens as well as permanent residents to save money for retirement. Other portions of the Central Provident Fund focus on social programs like healthcare, owning a […]

Switzerland's Lump-Sum Taxation

Switzerland’s Lump-Sum Taxation and How It Affects US Citizens

Switzerland has long been considered a tax haven due to its low tax rates, special taxing regimes, and privacy policies. Many US citizens have relocated to Switzerland to take advantage of these provisions. The question that lingers is how effective Switzerland tax savings techniques are for US citizens living there. So, let’s examine the effects […]

Expats in Singapore and Double Taxation

What Not Having a Tax Treaty Between the US and Singapore Means for Expats

Expats in Singapore are at risk of double taxation since the US doesn’t have a tax treaty or totalization agreement with that country. Find out the tax considerations you should make before moving to a country that will cost you money down the road. Is There a Tax Treaty Between the US and Singapore? Currently, […]

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises for Expats

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE): Good Idea for Expats in China?

According to most economists, China is the world’s second-largest economy and an essential business partner to many countries. This makes China a clear choice in which to start or expand a business overseas. However, like most countries, there are some caveats to conducting business in China. China has a few processes in place, such as establishing […]

Taxes for American Expats in Germany

Everything American Expats in Germany Need to Know about Taxes

Beautiful Germany is a popular destination for Americans moving abroad due to numerous international headquarters located in the country and a large military presence in cities like Munich, Berlin, Essen, and many others. If you’re one of the many American expats in Germany, you will want to know how your situation will affect your taxes. […]

Expats Working in Afghanistan

Expats Working in Afghanistan: Are They Tax Exempt?

While working in Afghanistan, some of your income may be tax exempt thanks to exclusions that lower your US tax bill. The IRS-defined differences between a military contractor and a government worker determine what exemptions the two categories of workers can get. So, let’s talk about the expats working in Afghanistan, and what type of […]