2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Report

What Expats Should Know About the 2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Report

Recently, the 2019 National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report to Congress and the 2020 Purple Book were released. The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is an independent organization that works inside of the IRS to ensure fairness and that taxpayers understand their rights. The reports from the Taxpayer Advocate Service show what concerns and focus areas this […]

Expats Renouncing Citizenship: 3rd Quarter 2019

How Many Expats Renounce US Citizenship—& Why?

Each quarter, Greenback tracks the number of expats renouncing citizenship. Why? Citizenship renunciation is something that affects Americans living abroad exclusively, and it’s often a decision based primarily on the continued tax reporting requirements all American citizens have. The Federal Register recently released the final count for the end of 2019. Let’s see how this […]

Findings and Insights From the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s US Expat Opinion Survey. Now that it’s over and the results have been collected , we want to share some of the most important insights you shared. From government representation to potential changes to the tax laws, take a moment to review this important information in […]

2019 Q1 Citizenship Renunciation Totals and US Expatriate's Tax

Why and How Do Americans Renounce Citizenship?

Americans renounce citizenship for a variety of reasons: taxes, political environment, and more. But typically, one of the top factors is US expat taxes. Let’s take a look at renunciation reasons, consequences, and trends to get a sense of the expat mindset. Why Are Citizenship Renunciation Trends Important? Citizenship renunciation and US expatriate’s tax requirements […]