Guide to Filing US Taxes

A Beginners Guide to Filing US Taxes

Even when American citizens live abroad, the US tax system still requires that they file tax returns on an annual basis. Understanding what fundamental forms and documents are needed is a crucial start in order to become compliant. Our expat-specialist experts have created the guide below to pilot you through the process of filing US […]

The National Taxpayer Advocate’s Report: 2018 Filing Season Review and 2019 Objectives

The National Taxpayer Advocate’s Report is published biennially by the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), an independently run organization that serves as a type of watchdog for IRS performance. The mid-year report addressed the ethical issue of confiscating passports based on tax non-compliance, a matter of great importance to expats around the world. The newly released […]

Greenback Expat Tax Services Shortlisted for Award

The APAC Forum for Expatriate Management Shortlists Greenback Expat Tax Services for Thought Leadership Award!

We’re so excited that Greenback Expat Tax Services been shortlisted for the Thought Leadership Award by the Forum for Expatriate Management! The EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) goes to the company that conducted the best survey or research study of the year. We’re thrilled to be the only tax provider in the running for […]