Steps for the Streamlined Filing Procedures
Filing Delinquent/Back Taxes

Steps to Prepare for the Streamlined Filing Procedures

If you’re an American living abroad who is filing US taxes late, meet your favorite IRS amnesty program: the Streamlined Filing Procedures. These procedures help US expats get caught up on 3+ years of taxes without paying penalties! Learn about the steps to prepare for the Streamlined Filing Procedures. Introduction to Streamlined Filing Procedures The […]

A Guide to Foreign Property Investment for Expats
Personal US Expat Tax Information

Guide to Foreign Real Estate and Taxes for US Expats

US expats who are interested in buying, selling, or otherwise investing in foreign property and overseas real estate: we’ve got good news. We’ve created a guide to help you navigate the complicated process, including the implications of the foreign real estate on your US taxes. Don’t fall prey to the beginner’s mistakes many expats make when […]

Expat Entrepreneurs and Self-Employment Taxes
Business US Expat Tax Information

What Expat Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Self-Employment Taxes

Expat entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business overseas should expect another layer of complication to their expat taxes. Fortunately, that’s no reason to abandon your career dreams! Read our tips first to ensure you understand all the implications for your self-employment taxes. Filing Requirements for Self-Employment Taxes The thresholds for triggering a filing […]