Guide to Filing US Taxes

A Beginners Guide to Filing US Taxes

Even when American citizens live abroad, the US tax system still requires that they file tax returns on an annual basis. Understanding what fundamental forms and documents are needed is a crucial start in order to become compliant. Our expat-specialist experts have created the guide below to pilot you through the process of filing US […]

Top Five Ways to Prepare for 2019 Expat Taxes

Planning for the year ahead is an excellent idea for all taxpayers, but it’s basically a necessity when it comes to expat taxes. Want to make sure you’ve done everything you can to be proactive (at least, expat tax-wise) before 2019? Check these five items off your to-do list, and you’ll know you’re as prepped […]

Steps for the Streamlined Filing Procedures

Steps to Prepare for the Streamlined Filing Procedures

If you’re an American living abroad who is filing US taxes late, meet your favorite IRS amnesty program: the Streamlined Filing Procedures. These procedures help US expats get caught up on 3+ years of taxes without paying penalties! Learn about the steps to prepare for the Streamlined Filing Procedures. Introduction to Streamlined Filing Procedures The […]