Tips for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2019

Tips and Updates on the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2019

The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) is a handy money-saving provision that you’re definitely going to want to become familiar with if you happen to be an expat. How can you qualify for the exclusion? How is the maximum amount of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion 2019 determined? Get the answers you need below. How […]

What Is the Foreign Housing Exclusion? A Guide for Expats

The Foreign Housing Exclusion, sometimes referred to as the Foreign Housing Allowance or Foreign Housing Deduction, is a lesser-known money saver that can help limit expats’ tax liability. With appropriate preparation and a little foresight, this exclusion can increase the affordability of living overseas. And better yet, if you’re planning on using the Foreign Earned […]

Top Five Ways to Prepare for 2019 Expat Taxes

Planning for the year ahead is an excellent idea for all taxpayers, but it’s basically a necessity when it comes to expat taxes. Want to make sure you’ve done everything you can to be proactive (at least, expat tax-wise) before 2019? Check these five items off your to-do list, and you’ll know you’re as prepped […]

US Expat Taxes and Deductions

US Expat Taxes Explained: Common Deductions and Credits

There are many deductions and credits available in the US tax code to help you reduce your taxable income and income taxes. Some are specifically tailored to US expats, and can help to lower your US expat taxes to zero, and might even get you a refund! Foreign Earned Income Exclusion The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion […]

Can the Foreign Housing Exclusion Save You More?

Expats often find that their living expenses are dramatically increased as a result of living abroad. This is especially true for those living in notoriously expensive cities, like Hong Kong. This infographic explains the Foreign Housing Exclusion, which allows you to exclude certain living expenses from your foreign earned income to reduce your overall US […]