Filing US Income Tax Return with Spouse

Greenback Case Study: Should I Include My Spouse on My US Income Tax Return?

Many expats wonder about whether or not they should include their foreign spouse on their US tax return. While it seems like an easy decision, since filing married in the US provides greater tax benefits, it isn’t always the case. But since every situation is unique, it is important to evaluate your situation carefully.This Greenback […]

Including Children on Your American Expat Taxes

Be Wary of Claiming Your Children on Your American Expat Taxes!

Americans living abroad face a multitude of questions come tax time. There are American expat taxes to file, foreign taxes to file, deductions, exclusions and credits to consider. One question to that often surfaces is whether or not to include your child(ren) on your US tax return. While it is generally advantageous to do so, […]

Filing US Expatriate Taxes with a Foreign Spouse

US expats with a foreign spouse often wonder how to file their US expatriate taxes, especially if their spouse doesn’t have a Social Security number. In this video, David McKeegan, Co-Founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services answers the question and outlines the options.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everybody my name is David McKeegan. I’m with […]