Tax Implications of Natural Disasters and Crisis for US Expats

Tax Implications of Natural Disasters and Crisis for US Expats

With Hurricane Irma impacting some small Caribbean nations, American citizens residing and working may not be aware how natural disasters, displacements and evacuation – particularly one bringing them back home to the US – could affect their ability to claim expat tax benefits. Physical Presence and Income Exclusion When a natural disaster occurs in your country […]

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US Expat Tax Implications for the Adventurous American Digital Nomad

In this world of endless connectivity and worldwide telecommuting, the “digital nomad” has become an increasingly popular way of living and working. Being a digital nomad allows you to free yourself to live anywhere in the world while still earning a living. While this type of freedom allows you endless opportunities to expand your horizons, […]

Tracking Travel for US Expat Tax Returns

Tracking Travel Can Be Tricky for Americans Filing US Expat Tax Returns

There are no shortage of complaints from US expats who are frustrated with the complexity and burden of filing US taxes. It seems that everywhere they turn, things are simply more complicated. FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) forms, FATCA forms (to disclose overseas assets) and qualifying as an official US expat to gain the best […]

Tax Preparation Simplified – Gathering Documents for your Expat Accountants

This week, David McKeegan, Co-Founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services, outlines all the important documents you need to gather to help the expert expat accountants at Greenback prepare your US expat tax return.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi everybody. I’m David McKeegan with Greenback Expat Tax Services. And I’m here today to discuss what you need […]

Expat Tax Advice: Should US Expats File Federal Tax Returns?

In this brief video, Greenback Expat Tax Services President and CEO David McKeegan addresses a question that many American expats ask: “Do I need to file a federal tax return?” Hi everybody. I’m David McKeegan from Greenback Expat Tax Services. Today, I wanted to answer a question that we get all the time. The question […]