Filing Expat Tax Returns Using The Physical Presence Test

Americans living abroad need to pay special attention to specific guidelines in order to qualify for important expat tax exclusions. The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Tax Credit, and the Foreign Housing Credit are the most important benefits American expats can leverage when filing their expat tax returns. Using these allowances will help them to […]

Understanding the Bona Fide Resident Test – US Expat Taxes Explained

Americans living and working abroad are privy to a host of available tax deductions, credits, and benefits when filing for their US expat taxes. These allowances help US expats avoid dual taxation. They also allow them to claim many important exclusions, like the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. In order to qualify however, US expatriates living […]

Traveling and Your Expat Taxes

Yahoo! News and Greenback Discuss Important Travel Considerations for US Expat Taxes

In a recent press release, Greenback Expat Tax Services President, David McKeegan, cautioned Americans living abroad to take note of their holiday travels in order to meet the guidelines of certain exclusions available when filing US expat taxes. The precise amount of time US expatriates spend outside of the US per tax year determines whether […]

Working Overseas Tax Changes 2011

Overseas Tax Return: Changes From the IRS for the 2011 Tax Year

Tax law changes thousands of time every year, and the 2011 tax year is no exception. The IRS recently published critical must-know changes for taxpayers who will be filing Federal Tax Returns for income earned last year. These changes are implemented across the board and will certainly affect an overseas tax return the same way […]