Americans Living Abroad Participate in Tax Survey

Democrats Abroad Survey Finds Americans Living Abroad Face Extreme Tax-Paying Difficulties

Earlier this year, Democrats Abroad (an organization dedicated to providing Americans living abroad a Democratic voice in the government and electing Democratic candidates by mobilizing the overseas vote) conducted an in-depth survey of almost ten thousand expats. The results of the survey echoed Greenback’s findings from last year: Expat taxes pose a constant burden and […]

Take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Top Three Reasons You Should Take the 2019 US Expat Opinion Survey

Every year, Greenback surveys expats living around the globe about their opinions on everything from taxation to citizenship renunciation to political and ideological beliefs. These surveys help gauge trends in the expat community and raise the profile of pressing issues; but beyond that, expats who participate in the survey could win a grand prize. Read […]

American Expatriate Taxes and Citizenship Renunciation

2018 Renunciations and American Expatriate Taxes

The fourth quarter 2018 citizenship renunciation numbers have been published by the Office of the Federal Register, and we’re here with your quarterly update on what these numbers mean and how they differ from recent trends. Why Do Expats Care About Citizenship Renunciation? Every quarter, the Federal Register publishes an update of American citizens who […]

Voting as an American Expat

Voting as an American Expat

Exciting news! Greenback Expat Tax Services has partnered with the Overseas Vote Foundation to spread awareness of how expats can vote abroad. Voting, like taxes, can feel confusing and overwhelming for Americans living abroad, which is why Greenback decided to take action. Find out more about this great organization below. The Overseas Vote Foundation The […]

A Visual Guide to Greenback Expat Tax’s 2018 US Expat Survey Results

Our annual US Expat Opinion Survey recently wrapped up, and we’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned about expat views not only about taxes but also politics. From citizen renunciation to plans to vote in the November 2018 midterms, to gun control, healthcare, and immigration reform, our US expatriate survey tackled some tough […]