Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Welcome to your weekly expat tax news update! What’s on our minds this week is the recently finalized 2017 citizenship renunciation data, David McKeegan’s article on what expats can expect from the tax reform, and some recommendations we have to ensure that your tax information is stored securely for years to come. 2017 Citizenship Renunciation […]

US Taxes Living Abroad and Citizenship Renunciation

US Taxes, Living Abroad, and Citizenship Renunciation

The IRS recently published the official total of 2017 citizenship renunciations, and the numbers are noteworthy. Fourth quarter numbers of those renouncing US citizenship were finalized and showed a drop-off – something a bit different from the past several quarters. Below, we’ve answered some common questions about citizenship renunciation and US taxes living abroad. Why […]

The Biggest Insights From Our 2017 US Expat Opinion Survey

Our annual US Expat Opinion Survey recently wrapped up, and we’re excited to share some of the biggest insights we gathered from our respondents! The hottest topic of this year’s survey was the impact the 2016 presidential election has had on US expats and their sentiments toward US government representation, citizenship renunciation and more. Get all of the […]

Survey Reveals US Expat Dissatisfaction with US Government

Annual Opinion Survey Reveals US Expat Dissatisfaction With Government Representation

Greenback’s annual US Expat Opinion Survey recently closed, and the results were quite interesting. The data highlights the US expat growing dissatisfaction with the US government as well as the impact they could have had on the 2016 presidential election. See the key insights and specific stats below. Aiming to gather opinions representative of the group at […]