US Expatriate Taxes When Renouncing Citizenship

Yahoo! News and Greenback Discuss Renouncing US Citizenship

Recent News Article Focuses on Reporting of US Expats Renouncing US Citizenship Greenback Expat Tax Services was featured in a Yahoo! News item discussing recent media coverage about the impact on US expatriate taxes when renouncing US citizenship. A high-profile entrepreneur’s decision to give up his citizenship prior to the Facebook IPO made headlines and […]

How Renunciation Affects Your US Taxes Abroad

US Expat Taxes: Giving Up Your US Citizenship

Introduction: Citizenship and US Expat Taxes Surrendering US Citizenship has become a common topic among expatriates, predominantly due to the increasing responsibility associated with US expat taxes and difficulty in banking.  There has been a lot of media “noise” around renouncing citizenship recently, mainly due to Eduardo Saverin renouncing his citizenship ahead of the Facebook […]