expatriate tax Form 8854

If You Renounced Your Citizenship, You Need This Expatriate Tax Info

If you are an expat who has officially renounced your US citizenship you may have to file IRS Form 8854 each year after you completed the renunciation process. Before following specific US expatriate tax rules it is important to determine which rules apply to you. As you read on you will understand why this is especially […]

US expats seek to expatriate

US Expat News Week in Review: Shocking number of Americans Seeking to Expatriate

Each quarter the IRS is required to release a list of citizens who voluntarily give up their American citizenship. Last quarter the Federal Registry ‘s report showed that the number of Americans seeking to expatriate jumped significantly to 679, which was the largest number in over 15 years. This quarter the number was staggering: 1,130. […]

US Expatriate Taxes When Renouncing Citizenship

Yahoo! News and Greenback Discuss Renouncing US Citizenship

Recent News Article Focuses on Reporting of US Expats Renouncing US Citizenship Greenback Expat Tax Services was featured in a Yahoo! News item discussing recent media coverage about the impact on US expatriate taxes when renouncing US citizenship. A high-profile entrepreneur’s decision to give up his citizenship prior to the Facebook IPO made headlines and […]

How Renunciation Affects Your US Taxes Abroad

US Expat Taxes: Giving Up Your US Citizenship

Introduction: Citizenship and US Expat Taxes Surrendering US Citizenship has become a common topic among expatriates, predominantly due to the increasing responsibility associated with US expat taxes and difficulty in banking.  There has been a lot of media “noise” around renouncing citizenship recently, mainly due to Eduardo Saverin renouncing his citizenship ahead of the Facebook […]