Impact of Buying and Selling Property on US Expat Taxes

US Expat Taxes: Buying and Selling Real Estate Abroad

Moving abroad is a stressful process, even moreso when you throw in property purchases abroad and the impact on your US expat taxes. So many issues surround the ownership of foreign property, including market conditions, foreign mortgages, exchange rates, new cultures, and even different legal structures. As you may already know, a US citizen’s worldwide […]

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions: What Expats Need to Know

Understanding foreign pensions can be difficult, especially when you already have to navigate the often-complicated US taxation process while living abroad! Whether you’re planning to retire overseas or move back to the US eventually, you should be aware of some things regarding your foreign pension. Foreign Pensions and US Taxation: The Basics With over nine […]

SIPP Taxation: US Expat in the UK

SIPP Taxation: A Guide for the US Expat in the UK

Because the US has a citizenship-based taxation system, income earned abroad is subject to federal taxation regardless of the income source. Then again, earnings on certain qualified US retirement funds receive preferential tax treatment; so, the question naturally arises: do any foreign retirement funds get special treatment in US taxes? If you’re a US expat […]