Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad

The New Deferred Compensation Compliance Campaign and Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad

If you don’t keep up with IRS news these days, that’s okay, because Greenback is keeping track of it for you. This past year, the IRS shifted its focus pretty vigorously towards compliance and tax for US citizens living abroad. And recently, the IRS launched six new compliance campaigns. These campaigns give us insight into […]

Smart Money Moves: FIRE for US Expats

FIRE for US Expats: How to Make Smart Money Moves

Many expat entrepreneurs are interested in the financially independent, retire early (FIRE) movement. The tips below can help FIRE for US expats become a reality. FIRE for US Expats Can Become a Reality We’ll begin with some strategies that you should consider if your situation allows. Consider a “Tax-Free” Roth IRA Conversion. In the past […]