American Expats in Canada

Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs): Consequences for American Expats in Canada

Tax-free savings accounts: what are they, and how will they affect your expat taxes? Read the information below before deciding whether or not American expats in Canada should contribute to a plan like this. A Brief History of the Tax-Free Savings Account The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) was introduced in Canada in 2009 as a […]

Switzerland's Lump-Sum Taxation

Switzerland’s Lump-Sum Taxation and How It Affects US Citizens

Switzerland has long been considered a tax haven due to its low tax rates, special taxing regimes, and privacy policies. Many US citizens have relocated to Switzerland to take advantage of these provisions. The question that lingers is how effective Switzerland tax savings techniques are for US citizens living there. So, let’s examine the effects […]

SOFA Tax Exclusions

Do Military Contractors Pay Taxes in Countries with SOFA Agreements?

A status of forces agreement, often called a SOFA, is an agreement between a nation that is hosting stationed military forces in their country, and the nation of those forces. Sometimes these agreements are part of a larger swath of military agreements that comprise a more wide-ranging security arrangement. These agreements usually apply to American […]

Impact of Buying and Selling Property on US Expat Taxes

US Expat Taxes: Buying and Selling Real Estate Abroad

Moving abroad is a stressful process, even moreso when you throw in property purchases abroad and the impact on your US expat taxes. So many issues surround the ownership of foreign property, including market conditions, foreign mortgages, exchange rates, new cultures, and even different legal structures. As you may already know, a US citizen’s worldwide […]

Controlled Foreign Corporation Case Study: Reducing GILTI Inclusion via Salary

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has had a significant impact on US owners of foreign corporations. While US persons have always been subject to US tax on their worldwide income, owners of controlled foreign corporations (“CFCs,” or a foreign corporation with US shareholders that own more than 50% of the corporation) were […]

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions

US Taxation of Foreign Pensions: What Expats Need to Know

Understanding foreign pensions can be difficult, especially when you already have to navigate the often-complicated US taxation process while living abroad! Whether you’re planning to retire overseas or move back to the US eventually, you should be aware of these facts regarding your foreign pension. Foreign Pensions and US Taxation: The Basics Over nine million […]