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US Expat Taxes Explained: What Documents Do You Need to Gather for Expat Tax Preparation?

In addition to understanding which tax laws apply to you as an American living abroad, it’s also important that you know what documents you need for your US expat tax preparation. You will need these documents to not only finalize your tax return, but to also protect yourself in the event of an IRS audit. Being able […]

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Greenback $5,000 Giveaway Ends – Winners to Be Selected Friday, 9/14

Have you heard the news? Greenback was recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing, private companies on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list! To celebrate this meaningful accomplishment, we offered an incredible giveaway to ten expats who completed their Federal Tax Return with us between 8/15 and 9/10. Now, the contest has come to a close. […]