Greenback Shortlisted Again for US Expat Tax Preparation Awards

The Greenback team is eager to share some happy news with our fellow expats: we’ve been shortlisted for the 2019 Americas EMMAs (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) in three different categories. That’s right: we’re in the lineup once again for one of the most prestigious awards available to expat-focused companies. Greenback US Expat Tax Preparation […]

Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act

Breaking News: Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act of 2018

Congressman George Holding, US Representative from North Carolina, has introduced a bill called the “Tax Fairness for Americans Abroad Act of 2018,” just before the Congressional holiday recess. The bill, also known as H.R. 7358, would exempt foreign income earned by US expats from taxation. This is huge news for all Americans living abroad; let’s […]

Start Your Expat Tax Planning With This Handy Document Checklist

Overwhelmed with tax time? Perfectly understandable! Having to sort through and locate tax documents can be quite overwhelming… maybe even downright stressful. Furthermore, as expats, the typical end of year 1099s or W-2s which can help summarize your tax data are not generated by foreign countries. To make this daunting task a little simpler, we’ve […]