US expat tax implications from QROPS

Understanding US Expat Tax Implications When Investing In a QROPS

All over the world people are earning money and saving for retirement. But, unfortunately, US citizens (and permanent residents) living abroad have a harder time navigating the tricky world of pensions and retirement accounts due to complicated IRS regulations. Foreign bank accounts, including retirement and pension accounts, can either be a great benefit to your […]

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US Expat News Week in Review- FATCA Spurs Help for Norway & HMRC Property Tax Crackdown

FATCA Generating Global Cooperation: US to Help Norway At the request of the Norwegian government, the US has allowed the IRS to issue summonses to 18 US banks in six states in an effort to uncover tax evaders. This is significant, as it underscores an increasing cooperation among governments to stop global tax evasion. This […]