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Expat Income Tax Postage

FedEx and OVF Offer Expatriates Discounts for Mailing In Ballots

As US expats, it’s easy to focus on the politics in our host countries. But it’s wise to keep an eye on elections in the United States, which have an impact on US expat income tax, how America and its citizens are seen overseas, and so much more. As a citizen, you have the right to vote even if you reside outside of the boundaries of the country. All it takes is a little planning to ensure the opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

Luckily, American expatriate taxpayers have some dedicated organizations on their side to make voting overseas as easy as possible. In particular, the Overseas Vote Foundation ( works tirelessly to ensure US expats can learn how to register to vote, track the candidates who are up for election in their districts, and much more. Prior to each general Election, OVF and FedEx offer Express Your Vote – a highly-discounted ballot return service for overseas voters in approximately 95 countries. The Air Way Bills can be generated through the Overseas Vote Foundation website starting approximately 7 weeks prior to the general election (meaning now!).

To take advantage of this great offer, visit There, you will be able to see if FedEx is offering Express Your Vote in your country and you can also track your ballot as it makes its way back to your US elections office.

If you are looking for more in-depth information about candidates, issues, and the voting records of current members of Congress, consider visiting Project Vote Smart ( A non-profit, non-partisan voter resource information center, they even offer a “matchmaker” application called Vote Easy to help you find your perfect match among candidates.

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