US Tax Returns for UK Residents

Considering a move across the pond? A large percentage of our expat community lives in the UK. The UK is a huge business hub, has no language barrier for English-speakers, and is home to lots of fascinating historical sites. Fortunately, Greenback has a wealth of resources for American expats living in the UK.

US Tax Returns for UK Residents Made Simple

If you are an American living in the UK, you will need to follow both the UK and American tax deadlines. If you are submitting a hardcopy return, the UK filing is due October 31st; if you e-file, the deadline is January 31st. The American deadline is April 15th (in a typical tax year; in 2018 it was April 17th), but expats receive an automatic two-month extension to June 15th and can request an extension to October 15th.

The US and the UK have a social security agreement, meaning that you’ll be required to pay into social security for the country in which you’re working. However, if you work in the UK for five or fewer years, you’ll be covered by Social Security on US taxes and exempt from UK coverage. All self-employed expats will pay to the country in which they reside. Further, the US and the UK have a tax treaty that defines to which country your taxes should be paid–typically based on residency status. Determining your residency status can be a complicated endeavor, so the expert accountants at Greenback have created a detailed guide for expats’ use! For the complete details on how to file US tax returns for UK residents, download our free guide that has all the information you need, from residency status to determining domicile, and even a primer on UK taxation of pensions!

Another handy tool is our article on other common expat tax forms that you’ll need to keep in mind, depending on your specific situation.

Or, if you’d rather skip the extra reading and have the experts handle your tax returns, check out our services page for our flat-fee pricing on Federal Tax Returns, Streamlined Filing Procedures, and other services.

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