Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: US Tax Services

Can you believe that Tax Day is less than one weekly roundup away? This week, we have some tools that will come in handy if you’re feeling the time crunch before the deadline. And, if you’re already finished, they’ll help you get ready for next season! Download our checklist of documents needed for expat tax filing, read about the new guidance on the repatriation tax (especially if you’re an owner of an overseas business!), take our US Expat survey and enter to win a $1,000 gift card, and find out what clients who have used our US tax services are saying this week!

Document Checklist

If you haven’t started gathering your tax documents for this year’s filing, we have a tool that will make the process that much quicker! Or, if you want to get a jumpstart on next year, print this list out and keep it with this year’s documents.

Repatriation Tax

Big news for expat business owners: the IRS issued further guidance on the Repatriation Tax. Here’s the deal: before, foreign businesses owners didn’t pay US taxes on the organization’s earnings until they were distributed to the individual; but now that section 965 has been added, many owners will face a one-time repatriation tax, meaning previously untaxed earnings will be included when calculating taxes! The impact on taxes could be significant, so get the full story!

How to Estimate Tax Payments

Though many expats end up not owing taxes due to credits and exclusions, some expats do. If these expats do not pay taxes through withholding or estimated tax payments, they may be subject to an underpayment penalty! Not to worry, because we’ve created a guide to estimated tax payments so that you can avoid these penalties.

Take the 2018 US Expat Opinion Survey!

Our 2018 Expat Opinion Survey is open but it won’t last forever, so take the survey today and enter to win a $1,000 Hotels.com gift card. It only takes 5 minutes and your feedback will help protect the interests of Americans abroad. !

Happy Customers Galore

We love hearing from Greenback customers. Thanks, Diane, for the kind words!

Need Expat-Specialist US Tax Services?

That’s all the news this week. Thanks for joining. As always, if your taxes leave you with more questions than answers, we’re just a phone call (or click!) away! We’re happy to help you with any of the US tax services you nee