Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

We’re so glad you made time for this week’s expat tax news roundup! What has our attention right now is the last week to participate in the 2018 US Expat Survey, answers to your most common questions about FBAR, information about the first quarter of citizenship renunciation, and our on-demand webinar!

2018 US Expat Opinion Survey

Last year, our survey found that the top three things expats would like the US government to address are the repealing citizenship-based taxation, simplifying the taxation process, and expanding the credits and deductions available to expats. This year, we want to know what you think! Take the expat opinion survey today, and you can enter to win a $1,000 gift card to Hotels.com.

June 15th Deadline Coming Soon!

The June deadline is less than a month away. Are you prepared to meet it? If not, get started with Greenback today, and we’ll make sure you’re all caught up!

All of Your FBAR Questions Answered

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) is one of the topics we get the most questions about, so we’ve compiled a list of answers for your convenience! Find out if you need to file, what the deadlines are, and whether or not you need to report foreign pensions and registered retirement savings plans!

Greenback’s Glowing Reviews

Thanks, Mrs. P! We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Citizenship Renunciation Facts

Each year, a portion of the expat population renounces their American citizenship, often due to the unwieldy, lifelong tax requirements imposed by the US government. The last quarter of 2017 showed a drop-off in renunciations – find out what the renunciation data is for Q1 of 2018!

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar

For your viewing pleasure but mostly to help with your comprehension of expat tax requirements, we’ve recorded our most recent webinar, Expat Taxes in 2018: A Crash Course. This webinar will ensure you’re up to speed on everything expat tax-related; plus, it’s free, and you can watch it whenever you want!

Thanks For Being Part of Our Extended Expat Family

We’ll see you next week with more expat tax news just for you. If you have questions before that, as always, we are waiting to answer them.

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