Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: Expatriate Tax Returns

You’re just in time for this week’s roundup! We’re covering the 2018 US Expat Opinion Survey, our upcoming webinar on expatriate tax returns in 2018, Canadian retirement programs, and our customer reviews.

2018 US Expat Opinion Survey

Our expat survey last year found that 88% of expats don’t feel fairly represented by the American government. Now, we want to hear from you! If you haven’t taken our expat opinion survey yet, you still have time – but that time is running out. Take our survey today and participate in expat advocacy in just five minutes! Plus you can enter to win a $1,000 Hotels.com gift card. What are you waiting for?

Register Now For Our Webinar

Have plans on May 16? Now you do! Register today for our free webinar, Expat Taxes in 2018: a Crash Course. This webinar will include everything from how to file expatriate tax returns if you’ve never filed before, to information on how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will affect you! Space is limited, so sign up today and be confident you’ll have all the information you need about how to get started on your expatriate tax returns.

Not Even Royalty Escape Expatriate Tax Returns

The royal wedding is on the horizon, and that means Meghan Markle will soon be on the hook for expat taxes. CNBC interviewed Greenback Co-Founder David McKeegan about what this means for her finances and tips for reducing her tax bill!

Canadian Retirement Programs

Canada is a popular relocation choice for American expats, and understandably so! Beautiful countryside and friendly locals – what’s not to love? We’ve created a guide for American expats in Canada to help sort out the difference in the retirement programs offered. If you’ve considered retiring in Canada, you’ll want to give this guide a look!

We <3 Our Customers

Thanks, Tom, for sharing your Greenback experience with others!

Get Started on Your Expatriate Tax Returns Today!

If you missed the April deadline, get started with Greenback today and cross that pesky item off your to-do list! Not only do we promise to make the process hassle-free, but we’ll also help you find every exclusion and deduction in the book. There’s no reason to wait – let’s get started!

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