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Happy June, expats! We’re only about two weeks from the June deadline, so you know what that means: it’s crunch time. Read on to find out why you should meet the June 15th deadline, our recent commendation for our excellent US expat tax preparation, and how you can save money on your tax services next year by referring a friend!

Highly Commended Recognition

Thanks to the Forum for Expatriate Management, who gave us the honor of Highly Commended for Tax Provider of the Year! We’ve won EMMA awards before, and are so pleased to be recognized once again within our community for our US expat tax preparation services.

Why You Should Meet the June Deadline For US Expat Tax Preparation

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth reiterating: the June deadline is an important target for expats. If you’re considering filing an extension instead, read our blog before you make the decision. It just may save you some money.

Expat Taxes in Saudi Arabia

Some Gulf nations have reputations for being “tax havens,” since they do not tax income. Saudi Arabia happens to be one of these nations. If you’ve considered moving there, or are just curious about how expat taxes work in other countries, read our guide to find out more!


If you love Greenback, it’s safe to say your friends will too. Plus, if you refer Greenback to a friend who is a new customer and completes their Federal Tax Return with us, you’ll save $25 off your next US expat tax preparation service with Greenback! You can do that as many times as you’d like – there’s no limit. You get to help out a friend and receive $25 as well. Refer a friend today!

Greenback Clients Are the Best

Wow, Glynnis! Thanks so much.

Questions? Comments?

We’re here to help you meet that deadline in any way we can. Have some questions for our expat experts? Contact us today.

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