Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: Expat Tax Help

You’re reading the roundup at the perfect time – today is the final day to file your 2017 expat taxes or request the automatic extension to October 15th. This week’s roundup features findings from our 2018 US Expat Opinion Survey, our newest tax guide on buying and selling real estate, a guide with expat tax help for Americans living in – or considering a move to – China, some news on Greenback Expat Taxes, and more great feedback from our customers.

Political Attitudes from the 2018 US Expat Opinion Survey

Last week, we shared some of the results of our expat survey about expat taxes. However, this year’s survey explored topics that went far beyond the realm of tax. We asked respondents to weigh in on topics such as gun control, immigration reform, and healthcare. While expats collectively had fairly one-sided opinions in some areas, in others they were sharply divided. See our recent article for more details on the survey’s political results.

Save Money While Investing in Real Estate Abroad

What does it take to successfully buy, sell, and invest in real estate while living abroad? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that’s helpful for those looking to get started or those who are looking for some advanced tax tips. The guide will help you navigate the complicated process of overseas real estate and foreign property investment. The buying and selling real estate guide also includes best practices and recommendation on the tax implications and how to save money.

Expat Tax Help for Those Living in China

China is rich with history and industrial opportunities and can be a very attractive destination for US expats. If you’re living in China or considering a move there, you’ll be faced with a complicated set of rules outlining how and to whom you pay taxes. Determining your residence status alone can be quite a chore! Once you become sufficiently familiar with the Chinese regulations, don’t forget that you’ll still owe taxes in the US, too. Our guide will give you the expat tax help you need in order to be compliant with US and Chinese taxes.

The Secret to the Team’s Success

At Greenback, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-notch services. We operate really efficiently and a lot of that is due to our planning process. Greenback’s Co-Founder, Carrie McKeegan, shares some of the planning secrets that serve as a foundation to achieve success in this Inc. article “This Simple Trick Can Boost Your Team’s Effectiveness by 400%”.

Greenback Through the Eyes of Our Customers

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