Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: American Expatriate Taxes

Welcome to this edition of the weekly expat tax news roundup! We have time management tips, part-time expat tax advice, info on the Transition Tax, and the details about how American expatriate taxes might be getting more complicated!

Taxes for American Expatriates Are About to Get More Complex

If you thought expat tax returns were difficult as is, buckle up. Unfortunately, the postcard-sized tax returns promised by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could make filing tax returns more convoluted. Find out more in this Inc. article written by Greenback Co-Founder, Carrie McKeegan!

Tips for Part-Time Expats

Some expats only live around the world on a part-time basis. What impact does this have on their American expatriate taxes? Find out in this case study!

American Expatriate Entrepreneurs and the Transition Tax

Attention expat entrepreneurs: have you heard about the transition tax? Also known as the repatriation tax, this is a tax that applies to certain business owners. Find out more info in this article by CNBC, featuring Greenback Co-Founder David McKeegan.

Totalization Agreements: What Are They?

Totalization agreements can mean the difference between paying for Social Security once or having to pay it twice; so, needless to say, they are important for expats to understand. Find out if your host country has a totalization agreement with the US, and how that can help you save on your expat taxes in this article!

Time Management for the Busy

Everyone has the same allotment of hours each day, so how do some people seem to get so much done? The answer is simple, yet can feel almost impossible; the answer is excellent time management. Read about two techniques that our very own time-management ninja, Greenback Co-Founder Carrie McKeegan, uses in this Inc. article.

Greenback Review of the Week

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American Expatriate Taxes and Services Review

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