Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad

Welcome to this edition of the weekly expat tax news roundup! This week we’re featuring information about tax for US citizens living abroad in Australia, what expats who are starting a business should know about self-employment taxes, and more.

Self-Employment Taxes Made Simple

If you’re an expat who has considered starting a business, read our post about the self-employment tax considerations for entrepreneurs.

Greenback Mentioned in Remote.co Article

Remote.co highlighted 25 completely remote businesses that operate without headquarters. Check out the full list here.

Entrepreneurs: Here’s How to Prepare for Retirement

Planning to sell your business as a means to fund your retirement? There’s a better way. Read Greenback Co-Founder Carrie McKeegan’s article in Inc. about how entrepreneurs can be better prepared financially for retirement.

Tax for US Citizens Living Abroad in Australia

Australia is a popular destination for American expatriates. It’s easy to see why based on the mind-blowing scenery and the fact that English is the primary language. The move can be simple if you’ve got your expat taxes figured out. Find out how your expat taxes would be affected by a move to Australia!


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Expat Tax Fact Check: Facts and Fiction

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Greenback Review of the Week

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