Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup

Weekly Expat Tax News Roundup: Info From Our Expatriate Tax Accountant Team

Glad you made it for our expat specific news this week! We’re featuring our $5,000 tax prep giveaway, foreign rental property income info, the latest citizenship renunciation data, and more.

Greenback’s Giant Giveaway

Greenback was listed as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the 2018 Inc. 5000 List (we’re number 2,324, to be precise) thanks to the hard work of our expatriate tax accountant and support teams. In honor of this great achievement, we’re going to give away FREE Federal Tax Return prep to ten lucky expats – nearly a $5,000 value – who complete their Federal Tax Returns between 8/15 and 9/10. Get the details! Read the full story of Greenback’s beginnings here.

Foreign Rental Property Income and Expat Taxes

If you own a second home, vacation home, or other investment property, renting the property out can be a significant stream of income! However, you’ll want to find out how renting that property out can affect what you need to report on your taxes, so that you aren’t surprised come tax time. Read the top tips, as compiled by the Greenback expatriate tax accountant team.

Here’s How You Can Avoid Decision Fatigue

Expat entrepreneurs have likely experienced decision fatigue. But the best leaders ensure their team understands, buys into, and lives by the company vision, and once this happens, the ability to delegate decisions comes naturally. Find out more about how to instill your company vision in your employees in this Inc. article by Greenback Co-Founder, Carrie McKeegan!

Citizenship Renunciation News

The 2nd quarter 2018 citizenship renunciation data is here. Find out why expats make up such a large portion of citizens who renounce, and what the trends look like so far this year in our synopsis.

Expat Entrepreneurs: Try This Unique Hiring Strategy

If you haven’t tried using referrals as your first port-of-call for hiring, you should! Find out how using referrals saves time, money, and decreases turnover in this Inc. article by Greenback Co-Founder, Carrie McKeegan!

What You Can Learn From Paul Manafort’s Tax Fraud Conviction

Paul Manafort’s foreign bank accounts came under scrutiny recently – a situation that has similarly affected many expats who do not realize that they are required to file US taxes each year. Find out how to avoid a $100,000 penalty for failure to file, in this CNBC article featuring Greenback Co-Founder David McKeegan!

Greenback Review of the Week

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Mention Your Favorite Expatriate Tax Accountant Team to Your Friends, and You Could Save Money

If Greenback is your go-to resource for everything expat tax related, let your friends know about your experience! For every friend that completes a Federal Tax Return, we’ll give you a $25 credit to your next tax prep services, so refer your friends today.

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